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Kinsom is a professional Fasteners manufacturer and exporter company

Kinsom is an a professional manufacturer and exporter company, that specialized in various of special cold formed fasteners, rivets series, screws, bolts and nuts. 
With whole fastening solutions matched provide "One Stage Purchases" non standard precision metal parts, machining and stamping parts to serve growing demand for fastener solutions in markets for local and overseas market.

Main Products

Providing non Standard Fasteners

While start new factory Samhotak in 2019 year.
Samhotak is in Huaqiao Kunshan.Which pass the ISO9001-2015 system.

Best-equipped Team Members

We have the best-equipped Team Members in the business to help you get the right part and find the best answers to all your questions.

Large and Small OEM/ODM

Kinsom serve both large and small OEM/ODM! Furthermore,we offer customized design to meet your requirement.

Focus on Producing Quality Products

To face the challenges of world manufacturing market ,we still make sure our quality and service to maintain satisfaction of customers.


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