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Fasteners Factory Samhotak in Kunshan Huaqiao

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To fulfill customers growing demand ,Kinsom established the factory Samhotak with the facility of Multiple station cold forging machine, professional well-equipped inspection laboratory in Kunshan in 2019. 

which audited pass ISO9001 certificate, all the fasteners can go through the ROHS, ELV, SGS test. And test 100% with optical sorting machine, even some mechanical properties test with PPAPIII Level.


Thanks for all the customers,suppliers and workers in Kinsom and Samhotak supporting.

That is a new step to Kinsom.


We owns advanced 4S/5S Cold Heading Machine, Threading machine, and precision screw, bolt,Rivets detection equipment.



*Not over 10000m³ big factory but we just have the right and enough space what we can do.

 samhotak factory open


*Without any decroation but try to make them clean and tidy,environmental and orderly.

*Move in machine ,shelf 

 samhotak factory open2


*Move in test machine,office down

 kinsom fasteners machine factory tour02

All the cold forging machine ,and inspecation machine are ready,If you need stainless steel 304 screws.We got the SUS304HC3 material,molding on hand. It can be started anytime .

 kinsom fasteners front door and office factory tour


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